Bonifas Membership Show

May 15, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

The Bonifas Membership Show runs through June 18. The winner of this year's show was Paul Rose of Garden with a photography piece called "Lake Superior Morning."

Bill Ohman of Escanaba placed second with a recycled latex painting titled "After the Storm." Honorable Mentions were presented to Michael Olson of Ford River for a photography titled "Splash of Water Color" and Michael Hall of Escanaba for his photography titled "Truffula Tree."

The Judge's Pleasure awards were presented to Jill Kline of Marquette for her acrylic collage titled "Full Tilt" and Pat Black of Iron River for her stoneware titled "At the Beach."

Eighteen awards were presented by the city of Gladstone. Their artwork will be hung at Gladstone City Hall. They were:

  • Tracy Anderson, Rapid River, with "Nature's Little Gems," colored pencils.
  • Melisse Carr, Iron Mountain, with "Piers Gorge, Norway, MI," oil.
  • Melisse Carr, Iron Mountain, with "The Wading Pool, Gendron Farm," oil.
  • Kathy Falls, Iron Mountain, with "Spring Splendor," mixed.
  • Christine Groleau, Rapid River, with "Great Grandmother Pine," photgraphy.
  • Janet Hickey, Manistique, with "Daybreak," oil.
  • Janet Hickey, Manistique, with "Mama Tree," oil.
  • Diane Kribs-Mays, Rock, with "Pride & Joy," glass.
  • Diane Kribs-Mays, Rock, with "Steampunk - An Interpretation Of," mixed media.
  • Jane Landwehr, Pembine, with Superior Shore Isle Royale," oil.
  • Paul Nelson, Gwinn, with "The Calm After the Storm" photography.
  • George Netchey, Gladstone, with "Floor Vase," cherry, walnut and padauk.
  • George Netchey, Gladstone, with "Inside Out Vase," zebra wood, ebony and padauk.
  • Linda Pearl, Bark River, with "Changing Bay," acrylic.
  • Linda Pearl, Bark River, with "Malibu," acrylic.
  • Gail Stanek, Norway, with "Green Heron," oil.
  • Lesley Stewart, Gladstone, with "In Her Hands," acrylic.
  • Lesley Stewart, Gladstoen, with "Isaac's First Puddle," watercolor.

Five awards were presented by the city of Escanaba. Their artwork will be on display at the Escanaba City Hall.

  • Sue Ellisor, Escanaba, with "Winter in Ludington Park," photography.
  • Debra Laurie, Au Train, with "Birch Musings," watercolor and batik on rice paper.
  • Clara Mosenfelder, Escanaba, with "The Cell Phone - Morning, Noon and Night," oil.
  • Gregory Sanville, Escanaba, with "Spanish Dancer," oil on masonite.
  • Daniel Young, Escanaba, with "Liquid Gold," photography.


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