2nd Grade 'Youth in Art' awards

March 19, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Awards were presented at the Youth in Art exhibit for students in the 2nd Grade.

Verso Award       
Ava  Johnson
Soo Hill Elementary
Instructor: Beth Peterson

Bonifas Arts Center Award
Aylah Boudreau
Below Ground Level
Lemmer Elementary
Instructor: Beth Peterson

GFWC Woman's Club Award
Aspen Cronick
Winter Cardinal
North Central Area Schools
Instructor: Emily Westphal

Michigan Education Association Award       
Ben Halase           
Haunted House   
Lemmer Elementary           
Instructor: Beth Peterson

Delta-Schoolcraft Intermediate School District Award
Charlotte Koenig 
Drippy Monster
Soo Hill Elementary
Instructor: Beth Peterson

Kiwanis Award    
Laila Pray              
Rainbow Cloud
Home School
Instructor: Gloria Pray

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