A culinary arts class shows how to prepare Greek food at home

November 7, 2018  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Spanakopita was on the menu last night at the Bonifas Arts Center. The traditional Greek Spinach Pie includes spinach, feta cheese, green onion, eggs cottage cheese and lots of butter.

Christina Economopulos and her sister, Elaine Christofilis, taught a large group of people how to make the Greek food. She said it's good for people to know that can make ethnic foods in their own homes.

"I think most people know tat Greek food is good but it's also nice to know you can prepare it at home too. Sometimes we thing of these foods from other cultures as something elaborate and I can't make this at home. But it's actually very easy and you can make it at home," Economopulos said.

Economopulos and her sister combined the ingredients, showed how to put the pies together and gave tips on who to make Greek food. At the end, participants sat down and tried the Greek food.

"We live in a small community but there's a lot of different people with a lot of different backgrounds. My sister and I just wanted to share a little bit of our Greek culture with Escanaba. And I hope they enjoyed the spinach pie too," said Economopulos.

They included a small display of photos from their visits to Greece.

The demonstration is part of the Bonifas' culinary arts series. The next cooking class is Dec. 4. Mitzy Brayak will be preparing Indian food.


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