ArtPrize Registration

General ArtPrize Information
ArtPrize is a radically open international arts competition decided by public vote and expert jury that takes place each fall in Grand Rapids. For 19 days, September 17 – October 9, art entries from all over the world cover three-square miles of downtown Grand Rapids.


The world’s largest art competition, where artists can compete for more than $500,000, in grants and prizes and is open to everyone 18 years or older. Entries representing every art form and any medium are welcome at ArtPrize.

Each year, ArtPrize awards $500,000 in prizes. Half are decided by public vote, and half are awarded by expert jury.

U.P. Pavilion at DeVos Place Process
DeVos Place, in the heart of the Grand Rapids ArtPrize viewing district, announces an exclusive first-time venue – The U.P. Pavilion – which will feature work by U.P. artists only.

To be considered for this venue, DeVos Place is offering a one week window to register for this high stakes competition. Artists MUST register online at between April 18-22 to be considered for the U.P. Pavilion; you have until June 2nd to be considered by other venues. Selections for the U.P. Pavilion will be made by the end of April. DeVos Place will reach out to artists individually to confirm their space in the U.P. Pavilion and will provide a hosting agreement.

Artists should note that they may submit existing work or create new work for the U.P. Pavilion at ArtPrize 2016. Work does not have to be started or completed prior to registration. Artists may submit a profile, including, description complete with size dimensions and weight, and thumb nail sketches. A portfolio of similar or earlier work should also be included.

Sell your work. You can also let visitors know if your entry is for sale. Many potential collectors and fans inquire online about purchasing work, both during the event and beyond. More than a third of all artists sell their work.

Artist Registration Requirements

  • To be considered for the U.P. Pavilion artists need to be at least 18 years old at the time of Artist Registration and MUST register between April 18 – 22. The early registration cut-off date is designed to help Devos Place be flexible with the space reserved for the pavilion which is determined by Devos Place.
  • Any Artist Registration after April 22 will not be considered for the U.P. Pavilion but will go into the general pool of artists applying for ArtPrize.
  • The entry fee is $50 for an individual artist and $100 per team for a collaborative entry.
  • When you register, enter your artwork in one of four major categories: 2-D, 3-D, Installation, and Time-based. (See website for category definitions)
  • Register as an ArtPrize registrant on the ArtPrize website link: Under the “Details for Artists”, choose Registration for information.
  • Input all your information required, make your payment, and select DeVos Place as your venue. You are encouraged to apply to other venues as well.
  • To ensure that U.P. artists are in the pool to be considered for acceptance to this unique venue, artists who register for the UP Pavilion are required to send a registration confirmation email to the Bonifas Fine Arts Center
  • Important Note: Artists will not be considered for the U.P. Pavilion without sending an email confirmation to the BFAC. If a confirming email is not sent, artists who register will go into the general pool of artists applying for ArtPrize.

  • DeVos Place curators will select artwork for the U.P. Pavilion by the end of April. Neither the Bonifas Art Center nor any of the UP Arts Organizations participate in the artwork selection process. Just like any artist submitting to ArtPrize, no one is guaranteed a space.

Additional Information

  • Each artist is responsible for getting their artwork to DeVos Place as well as the return back to the artist.

    Important Note: All fees associated with transporting artwork are the responsibility of each artist.
    After DeVos Place makes their selection and the specifics are known, Bonifas and several Arts Organizations across the UP will help to facilitate conversations between the artists to make transportation arrangements. Artists are encouraged to keep their local arts organization informed of their selection status and transportation needs but neither Bonifas nor the Arts Orgs are responsible for transporting artists’ artwork.

  • The pluses for participating in the U.P. Pavilion are:
    - There will be special press announcements highlighting the artists selected for the U.P.Pavilion.
    - Arts Orgs throughout the U.P. will be promoting the U.P. Pavilion and encouraging the public to check out U.P. artists!

Bonifas and the Art Organizations encourage all U.P. artists to consider trying something new, work hard and participate in this year's UP Pavilion! If you have further questions, you may reach Mary Penet at 906-420-8575.

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