Award winners announced at Waterfront Art Festival

August 2, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center
Listen to the interview with Anthony Strublic, Great Lakes Maritime Artwork.

Anthony Strublic of Marinette, Wis., was named Best of Show at the Waterfront Art Festival for his drawings of Great Lakes vessels.

He does graphite pencil drawing of Great Lakes ships and lighthouses. He says he was fascinated with the Titanic and started doodling as a kid.

"There's very little of this type of art that I've seen so I like to think that I have come up with something original," Strublic said.

People are drawn to his artwork, Strublic said, because of a fascination they have with ships on the Great Lakes.

"Everywhere you go, any port you go to it's just amazing the people that will sit there and watch for these boats to come in. It's just unreal," he said.

Other award winners included:

  • Dave Amis - Best of Photography
  • Bill Oman - Best of Painting/Drawing
  • Barry Bernstein - Best of Pottery
  • Ben Balkun - Best of 3D
  • Karen Reece - Best of Jewelry
  • Rae Warner - Best of Fiber
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