Awards presented at Bonifas Membership Show

June 26, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Juror Statement:

Wow!  I am amazed at the fantastic talent displayed throughout this membership show!  Selecting the awards was difficult and I wish every one of you the best in your creative journey!  I always enjoy seeing work that is innovative and maybe 'pushes the boundaries' a bit.  I love it when an artist uses originality and creativity in their own way!  I also look for a masterful craftsmanship and professional use of materials.  Presentation is very important whether it be the matting or framing or simply the way a piece is finished.  This is very important!  I also look for good use of composition and design and COLOR!  Studying and having a background in all of these will help you as you further your creative career!  All the best to each and everyone of you!

- Ginnie Cappaert

Escanaba City Hall Award winners:

Kate Oman, Escanaba, MI                            
“Night Watch”  

Bill Savage, Munising, MI                             

Monica Miller-Mortel, Escanaba, MI                       
“Secluded Waterfalls”   

Kathryn Lund Johnson, AuTrain, MI                         
“Reverberations in Time”             

Maureen Lapinski, Bark River, MI                             
“Flower Moon”

Sharon Fosmo, Escanaba, MI                      
“Rules 1 & 2”     

Kim Arntzen, Cecil, WI                   
“Spring Fever”  

Tracy Anderson, Rapid River, MI               
“In Autumn's Stillness”

Anonymous, Rapid River, MI                      

Gladstone City Hall award winners:

Tracy Anderson, Rapid River, MI
“In Autumn's Stillness” 

Kim Arntzen, Cecil, WI                   
“Spring Fever”  

Fran Darling, Marquette, MI                      
“Paddling The Colors”   

Monica Miller-Mortel, Escanaba, MI                       
“Secluded Waterfalls”   

Suzy Decker, Gladstone, MI                        
“Birches We're In This Together”             

Janice LaFond, Gladstone, MI                    

Julie Ann Neisius, Escanaba, MI                 

Bob Roberts, Mt. Pleasant, MI                   

Marlene Wood, Deerton, MI                      

Featured Artist Award  

Suzy Decker, Gladstone, MI        
“Eye of the Storm- COVID-19”   

Placement Awards

Honorable Mention

Jim Rutledge, Engadine, MI                         
“Blue Inspiration”

Bill Savage, Munising, MI                             
“She Dances”

2nd Place

Bernie Park, Marquette, MI                        
“Deep Blue”      

1st Place

Dennis Dufek, Gladstone, MI                     
“Tribute to Crazy Horse”              

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