Bonifas Director: What do you enjoy about what the Bonifas offers?

September 4, 2018  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

When you actively participate in the arts – paint, take a pottery class, or color with a 3 year-old, the arts are good for us! You actually relax, enjoy yourself, and de-stress. Research shows that attending some kind of artistic event appears to improve physical health. Participating in an arts class or any arts project improves your sense of who you are and control over your own life. Do you feel better when you sing? Point made!

We find new friends and enjoy long lasting friendships when we are audience members at a concert or watch a culinary demonstration. Our social connections get stronger and we often relate to someone we might never have before.

We take pride in our community when we consider what our area has to offer – concerts, plays, outdoor activities, classes for children, teens and adults, sports options, Fair week, and so much more. What we offer often helps folks unsure about the area choose to stay or to move here.

And you don’t take it for granted. You support the Bonifas with your membership, attendance at Bonifas events and/or classes. Thank You.

What do you enjoy most about what the Bonifas offers? What would you like to see us provide in the future? Real questions, folks! Please get back to me at your convenience. Feel free to use this email form. I’d love to learn more about how you see the Bonifas and what we do.


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