Bonifas hopes sponsored "pub tables" will enhance events

October 5, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Sponsored Pub Tables

The Bonifas is looking to add pub tables for various events at the arts center.

“Ambiance is everything,” says Brook McGinnis, Special Event Coordinator at the Bonifas Arts Center. “Programing gets people in the door but ambiance ensures that they want stay.”

To this end, the Bonifas hopes to create an even more inviting atmosphere for future Studio events with the addition of ten pub tables to be used around the edges of the Studio for cabarets, concerts and more.

McGinnis adds, “They are actually very practical. Many people don’t want to sit for long periods of time. These pub tables will give guests the opportunity to stretch their legs and still enjoy the show.”

In order to make the dream of pub tables a reality, the Bonifas is asking for sponsors.

“Through sponsorship, you can promote your business or honor a loved one. Your table will be commemorated with a place card at every event, so that guests will see your generous contribution to The Bonifas Arts Center,” explained McGinnis. The place cards will remain for two years and the Bonifas typically hosts at least two events per month in the Studio. “That’s a lot of foot traffic for your $70 sponsorship. “

If you would like to sponsor a pub table, contact Sue Roll, Business Director at 786-3833 ext. 14 or at

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