Bonifas offers introdution to essential oils class

October 6, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center


Those wanting to learn about essential oils can deepen their understanding at a hands-on class Oct. 12 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Bonifas Arts Center.

Missy Kaukola, instructor, will present an introduction to essential oils, explaining how to incorporate them into daily life and their possible benefits. As she covers the uses of 11 oils, participants can smell each and ask questions.

WORKSHOP: Essential Oils: Body Butter & Immunity Roller with Missy Kaukola

With Kaukola’s step-by-step guidance, participants then will make pumpkin spice body butter and an “immunity boost” rollerball, and they also will sample a snack made using essential oils (recipe to be provided).

Essential oils can improve people’s lives, said Kaukola, offering possible physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits when ingested, applied topically, or used aromatically.

Skeptics are welcome, though, Kaukola said. “You really have to try it … you can watch the results happen,” as when she can immediately calm hyperactive dogs using lavender, she said. “If you don’t believe, come check them out … the results are just phenomenal,” said Kaukola, who frequently finds herself doubting that an essential-oils recommendation will do as promised, thinking, “Are you kidding me?” but then it works, she said.

Kaukola said she has enjoyed improved health since she started using essential oils, which can help muscles and joints, easing soreness or stiffness, and promote healthy skin. “I was tired of not feeling good and not having many options and tired of spending money on products that didn’t work,” she said.

Essential oils also can help “heighten spiritual awareness,” Kaukola said, clear the mind, increase focus, energize, increase mental alertness, stabilize emotions, uplift, and calm. They can be used for housecleaning and making shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hand soap, and lip balm, she said, and can be a lower-cost option.

The class is $32 for nonmembers and $26 for members.


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