Bonifas receives Japanese sculpture donation

February 29, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

The Black Crane is arriving as early as tomorrow and will be delivered to Bay College for an interim period until a permanent site can be found at the Bonifas Arts Center.

The donation is being made by Dave Rettig, a horticulturalist at the Fredrick Meijer’s Japanese Gardens. He is the son of Jim & Kaymary Rettig of Escanaba.

The sheet copper sculpture created in 2014 stands four feet high and is six foot wide. It was created by Taichiro Ishii, a professional copper roof maker of temples and shrines in Japan.

The piece was displayed at the 2014 ArPrize competition in Grand Rapids.

"In this art piece, I tried to describe the drape of our life in this world through the image of two cranes. Black crane is climbing up the unending spiral staircase, not knowing where it is reaching or what will be found above. While the other one is just shining so elegantly on the surface of the lake water.

"Also, there is a reflection of a figure of "ONI" (Japanese traditional monster from local myth) on the water. What on earth is he staring at? The pedestal of the bottom was inspired by the lake Michigan. I hope you would enjoy my work by projecting your own life onto these two cranes. 「人生は公平ではないが、それでもすばらしい。」 In English, it means "Life is not fair but it is still wonderful." I express my thought with a sculpture made of sheet copper."

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