Bonifas to partner with Mission Point Resort on statewide photo exhibit

August 3, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center
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When Louis Daguerre brought the beginnings of modern photography to the world in 1839 nobody would have guessed the long-range impact it would have on society and art.

Fast forward nearly two-hundred years and nobody would question the validity of photography as art, including the William Bonifas Fine Arts Center who will be hosting a state-wide photography competition/exhibit in their gallery this fall. The exhibit, “Transient Moments: Foresight to the Present,” invites all photographers throughout Michigan to assess the rapidly changing transitions in the state’s social, economic and cultural environment that have been brought about by the impact of technology in the 21st century.

See Registration Info: Transient Moments: Foresight to the Present

With this competition, the Bonifas Arts Center extends its outreach statewide and continues surveying, presenting, and encouraging the growing interest in the field of photography. To do this they are partnering with Mackinac Island’s Mission Point Resort through their vice-president and managing director, Bradley McCallum.

In connecting with the Bonifas, McCallum is hoping to create a stronger regional presence for Michigan artists and, in turn, art patrons alike. “Every context in which an artist is able to participate gives them a different response from the people who view their work. Through this they’re able to learn more about their own work and about themselves.”

Driven by a belief that art plays a premiere role in our lives, McCallum has been a strong force for the arts in Central and Upper Michigan. He’s been a collector of art for many years and an advocate for many more. “Art has consistently been a prominent thread in the tapestry of society,” he says. “Supporting the arts is about being a good citizen. It’s essential to a healthy community life.”

With “Transient Moments: Foresight to the Present,” McCallum will be extending that sense of civics to the Bonifas Fine by hosting the prize-winning pieces at Mission Point. It’s a project he’s excited to support. “It’s important to explore ways in which we can build relationships within the arts communities,” he says.

McCallum has been instrumental in building these relationships all across Mackinac Island, particularly through Mission Point. The resort boasts multiple locations on site where they regularly display original works. And despite being a hotel, they have commissioned several regionally-based paintings over the years, engaging people to have a deeper, more authentic understanding of the area through its artwork.

“Transient Moments: Foresight to the Present” will be on display at the William Bonifas Fine Arts Center starting September 18. The winning photographs will then travel to Mission Point for display from October 7 to October 24. In addition to Mission Point, the pieces will also be exhibited at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids from November 16 to December 28. Any Michigan-based photographer interested in submitting their work can download an application. Submission deadline is noon of August 14.

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