Career Opportunity - Events Coordinator

TITLE: Events Coordinator
SUPERVISOR: Executive Director
HOURS: 25 hours/week

Nature of Work

This individual is responsible for performing duties associated with the primary fundraising events, raffles, live performances and community building events for the Bonifas Arts Center. Overall, these events bring in significant revenues and an increasingly diverse set of and number of people to the Art Center. Major fund raisers may include:

  • The Benefit for the Bonifas
  • Night of Magic and Wizardry
  • The Waterfront Art Festival
  • Spring and Fall Raffles

There will be additional events that promote the Bonifas mission involving performing artists, community members, and put a lower level of emphasis on fundraising. Examples of such events include The Holiday Arts Fair, Music Mondays and Family Fun nights (Christmas night, Mother – Son Date Night etc).

The coordinator will work with volunteers, communicate with local business and organizations, and seek out a variety of community members or businesses to sponsor, plan, promote and deliver events. He or she will work closely with the Executive Director and ensure that communications to all involved staff are clear and timely, sponsorships are coordinated, and that budget goals are met. He or she is responsible for supplying the staff with all relevant information needed for maintaining proper records (budget, mailing, committee info, and participation numbers) and for timely promotions.

Attendance at events is expected.

  • Associates degree from an accredited college or university is preferred
  • Strong organizational and event planning skills
  • Strong written and oral communications skills
  • Experience with basic budgeting, group leadership, and strong promotions experience
  • Working knowledge of MS Office and Publisher as well as Facebook and Instagram
  • Initiative and excellent interpersonal skills is essential.
  • Strong connections with the community is desired
Essential Functions
  • Evaluate effectiveness of fundraising events
  • Provide input and ideas for fundraising events for long-range planning
  • Perform and/or oversee all event activities
  • Manage multiple events and/or projects
  • Develop and implement event budgets
  • Maintain files of plans, budgets and after-event reports for events and projects
  • Identify potential sponsors, contact them, and persuade them to sponsor an event
  • Supply information for participant data and sponsor information.
  • Develop and strengthen volunteer, organization, and community group relationships
  • Provide information and coordinate publicity effectively
  • Provide regular updates, input and recommendations to the staff and Executive Director
  • Other duties as assigned
Examples of Work
  • Apply for state raffle and liquor licenses
  • Arrange for liquor liability insurance
  • Identify volunteer needs in advance and work with Bonifas staff to recruit volunteers
  • Direct volunteers as they participate in events.
  • Create posters, invitations, and Facebook posts to promote events and raffles
  • Select themes for events and ensure décor, entertainment, and other aspects coordinate with the theme
  • Write letters and make calls to potential sponsors
  • Contract with bands and other entertainment

The above position description statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed in this position. They are not intended, and should not be construed as exhaustive lists of all job functions, responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions necessary to perform this job. These are intended to be accurate reflections of principal job elements and may be supplemented as needed. 

Developed: 06/97
Revised: 06/06, 02/15, 01/16, 02/17, 10/18, 02/19, 08/22