Come Fly Away Hot Air Balloon

April 16, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Use you imagination to fly away in a hot air balloon. Create your own balloon and get ready for a wonderful scene. 

Download Instructions »

Download Balloon Template »


 Printed off balloon and square templates (to either color and use or to use as templates for use on any colored paper for hot air balloons and baskets) 
 Blue paper (construction or card stock) 
 White paint 
 Fan paint brush 
 Glue stick 
 Elmer’s glue 
 Scissors 
 Twine 
 Buttons, sequins, beads, washers, other found objects to decorate the colored paper hot air balloons 
 Pen (to draw yourself in the basket and write where you’re flying and why) 


1. Lay out the background construction paper or card stock and using the white paint and the fan paint brush, paint clouds on the paper (you can do this easily by dipping the brush in the paint and dabbing off the excess paint on a paper plate—still leave a bit on the brush and use that on the paper to create your unique clouds) 

2. Allow time for your clouds to dry 

3. Next, you can print off the Hot Air Balloon Template and either cut it out and trace it onto other colored paper OR you can color the template and use that in this craft (I chose to trace and use another color of paper—SEE A,B,C

4. After the paint is dry, you can use the Elmer’s glue stick to place down the hot air balloons and baskets, leave some room on the edges for you to glue in the twine (if you don’t have twine, feel free to draw on the balloon’s supports) 

5. Use a dab of glue on each end of the twine under each designated spot on the balloon where you want the supports, same with the baskets (you will need two inches of twine approximately) 

6. Next comes the fun part! If you would like to, and why wouldn’t you?!?! You get to decorate your hot air balloons with your ob-jects: the buttons, sequins, beads, washers, and other found ob-jects! You can use anything, so have fun! 

7. Now, draw yourself in your hot air balloon and write where you would fly in your very own hot air balloon and why! 

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