Continuing to serve you at the Bonifas during COVID-19 pandemic

May 22, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Life looks quite different now than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have more time to engage in our hobbies and pursue our interests. We may not all have the time and the resources to commit to becoming a fully fledged artists, but most of us have some desire to try creative activities.

Considering that we don’t how long it will be before life returns to “normal”, the Bonifas is joining the ranks of institutions to bring you education, entertainment, and escape from reality through virtual programming.  

On our website you can find the video tour of our gallery’s Youth in Art Exhibit and ideas of simple creative projects to do.

We are working on bringing to you streamable or live concerts and classes.

We have begun an online Meditation class with Gene Schlueter through through Zoom platform. We are planning to make other virtual classes and series available including cooking/baking workshops, gardening classes, and photography classes.

Later in the year we hope to have virtual classes on painting, drawing, and art for children available if we are not able to hold them at the Bonifas. Classes will be available in self-paced format (video and instructions streamable anytime, not live) or live through Zoom/Webex or Instagram live platforms.

Some classes will be available free with membership, some will require a subscription or registration fee. The details will be available on our web-site and social media (FB and IG) as they emerge – please follow us @BonifasArtsCenter and check our website often! 

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