Copper tooling class offers chance to try metal-work

March 11, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

A Copper Tooliong class at the Bonifas Arts Center in Escanaba is making wall hangings with designs embossed in the copper sheeting.

Participants learned techniques for creating art with sheet metal including emboss drawing, stamping, denting, piercing, rub-transferring, folding, hammering, coloring and assembling (with wire and beads) to create a wall-hanging triptych. Working with three ready-to-use pieces of copper, each participant drew designs or use those created by instructor Valarie Rose.

Tooling allows for the creation of an “undulating, flowing surface on copper,” said Rose.

Rose also presented a brief introduction to the history of metal tooling, an art form used when creating armor, statues, and tools. She said it's an easy projects that looks great when completed.

"You don't have to know how to draw because you can look at a picture, put it on the copper and trace it, pick it up and then you do your embossing," Rose said. "It's not hard to do. It's fun and there's a lot of people here just doing their own thing."

Rose said she hopes the participants learn a new appreciation for art.

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