Diane Kribs-Mays talks about Bonifas artist gatherings

October 15, 2019  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

One enchanted evening in a far away land called Escanaba, nine engaging spirits gathered to celebrate the warm season of Fall. With the scent of an apple pie heating in the oven, festivities got ;under way. The kitchen counter at the host location, Bonifas Art Center, was lined with fruit flavored strudel bites, cheeses, grapes, orange Jell-O pumpkins, and ice cream for the pie. Much sustenance to energize the conversation. Managing the event, Kate spoke about a recent visit with her aunt and showed pictures of their Fall Adventures.

Nest Beth showed her favorite pumpkin from the crop made at the Antique Village glass shop. Then Donna presented a fall themed felted piece. Her daughter Debbie enthusiastically showed phone photos of a casket style ring box she made for her son to give to his sweetheart. They will be marrying soon. Melissa brought a painting she did which was well received. Ruth stirred up curiosity with her collection of Art Fat Books she made over the years. Phyllis brought a book of love poems. She read one that spoke to her of the comfort a home offers in  cool weather season. The poet spoke of his dream home while we all listened attentively. Kathy vivaciously spoke of her two unfinished fiber projects while everyone looked on. She shared tid bits of her project's progress and of her recent world travels. Lastly Diane shared her love of fall with a glass and metal 3 piece jewelry set created in honor of the season.

While enjoying the edible delights, discussion revealed a need to change Gathering start times from 7 pm to 6pm. The proposal was unanimously accepted and a challenge was suggested for the next gathering, So on November 4, hopefully, those present on this night will be joined by other like-minded folk for a showing and telling about Thankfulness. Lively conversation and sharing shall continue! What a wonderful 2 hour gathering experience! I will certainly be back to this far away land of Escanaba, and keep you wanting to hear more! 

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