Diane Kribs-Mays

January 20, 2019  |  by 100 Day Project


Photo 1- my workspace, photo 2 first attempt at designing mandalas, photo 3 -happy dance - first mandala completed!

Had my subject, workspace, rules and coffee ready before the first step today at 5 something AM. Kind of scary at first but once I got the pencil doing it's work, things got better. Learned a lot just by the attempt: be willing to let go of sense of perfection, did not have all materials needed at the ready like I thought, accuracy in designing is important, one step leads to another, and don't judge yourself--just work and see what happens! Changed one of my rules: Instead of 1/2 hour working, it is now 1/2 working and 1/2 hour redrawing and coloring. Can't wait for tomorrow to add to this one.

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