Donations needed for upgrade to fly system on Bonifas stage

January 8, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

The Bonifas Arts Center is requesting donations for upgrading the Theater with a new fly system.

The building, originally a gymnasium and auditorium for St. Joseph’s school, was not designed to meet current theater demands. This new system will enable Players de Noc, our resident, all-volunteer theater group, greater flexibility in arranging lights, backdrops, scenery and other stage effects.

The upgraded fly system will be “hung” on a new steel structure installed by Ness Construction and include ropes, weights, pulleys, and newly cleaned and fire-proofed curtains. It will be installed during this coming summer, between Players’ seasons.

The new system will cost approximately $85,000. The Bonifas has applied for and been awarded a $27,594 grant that must be matched. Players de Noc and the Bonifas are working together to plan a variety of fund raising events. Already Players de Noc has raised funds for the fly system through the raffling of a prop (Randy’s Christmas present, the zeppelin!) at each performance of their recent play, A Christmas Story.

Community theatre both reflects and develops our community spirit, creativity and artistic sensibilities. Your support of this new fly system with a donation, large or small, helps to promote our community, develop our youth, entertain our citizens and support creativity and the artistic talents of our friends and neighbors.

Please consider giving.

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