Latest Past Events

Paint Night with Staci - Christmas Painting

INSTRUCTOR: Staci Berg DATE: December 2 Come for a fun evening of painting a seasonal scene with acrylics. Bring a few friends and a beverage of your choice. These classes are pressure-free, walking you through, step-by-step, how to layer the paints making this a fun way to learn the basics of painting. Register  

Steampunk Creations

INSTRUCTOR: Kate Oman DATE: November 30 Come journey through the world of Steampunk and come out with a unique piece of steampunk art. We’ll make pendants that you can put onto your a necklace chain or use as a bookmark or car mirror dangle. Supplies to make the pendant will be provided but if you […]

Still Life Painting & Watercolor Temperature Workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Caroline Carlson DATE: November 13 Controlling temperature in your environment is comfort. Controlling temperature in your paintings is a game-changer. "Color temperature" is a term most of us have heard, yet it still causes confusion and remains a mystery to many. If you're an artist who's silently wondering what color temperature is all about, […]

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