Found Object Wind Chime

March 27, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Wind chimes look and sound beautiful. Be creative and make your own wind chime with what you have around the house!

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 Branch 

 Twine 

 Scissors 

 Found objects (keys, buttons, beads, nuts and bolts, washers, etc.) 

 Paint or spray paint* (if you’d like to paint the keys) 

*If using spray paint, please use safely in a well-ventilated area and follow the safety instructions* 


1. If you have chosen to paint keys, do that first as they will need time to dry on both sides—you can you acrylic paint (which will take longer to dry) or spray paint (which will dry more quickly, but ask an adult for assistance with spray paint) 

2. Cut a piece of twine a bit longer than that of your branch as you will be winding it and tying it up in double knots so that it can hang 

3. Use the scissors to cut off excess twine 

4. Cut twine to your desired lengths (I did approxi-mately 20inches total) for your found objects and loop around the branch (shown in the far left pic-ture), tie/secure your found objects with a double knot (middle picture) and cut off the excess twine(far right picture) 

5. Continue looping your found objects and tying and securing them and cutting off the excess twine until you have the amount of objects you would like on your wind chime 

6. If you use buttons, you can string the two ends of twine through two of the button holes and tie a knot underneath the button to secure in place and this will be similar for beads, you can even secure above as well if you’d like 

7. For washers, nuts, and bolts, you can tie like shown with the keys 

Please show us what you’ve made! 

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