Four Bay Drawing Group artists featured in Studio Gallery

August 15, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Artists from the Bay Drawing Group are featured in the Studio Gallery from July 28 to Sept. 3. Artists include:

  • Clara Mosenfelder
  • Jean Wallin
  • Gladys M. Lewinski
  • Darlene Prokos

An artist statement from Clara Mosenfelder on her "Exploring Black Series" reads:

"The series "Exploring Black" is an investigation into how the use of black in my own paintings affects the creative process and the resulting works.

"One of the things I have learned while working on this series of portraits and figure paintings is that area of blacks, or even black accents, serve to anchor the range of lights and darks with the very darkest of dark colors available to me as a painter. As a result of this use of the darkest of darks, I am not only freed, but encouraged, to use a complete gradation of mid-range to lower mid-range of colors. These tend to be colors of great intensity (brightness) and allow for a use of color with high visual and emotional impact not always found in watercolor paintings.

"While these works are in watercolor, I believe that the same results would occur when using a complete range of values, including black, in other media such as pastels, oils, or acrylic paint.

"The pigments used in these paintings are from Winsor Newton, Daniel Smith, and American Journey, each of which major manufacturers make and sell at least four or five different black pigments in their watercolor lines.

"The papers used are Arches and Fabriano 140 lb. Cold Press watercolor paper."

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