From the Director - Pasqua Warstler

January 1, 2017  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

The Upper Peninsula benefits from the richness of its natural environment, and with this resource a growing tourism economy. Along with recreational opportunities, the tourist of today seeks a destination experience. Tourism taps into local arts and culture, local history and culture, local 'sense of place.' Arts and culture have a vital role in supporting the local quality of life, celebration of the natural world, and opportunities
of rural tourism
- ArtsLab, Arts Midwest

The Bonifas Arts Center, in cooperation with arts and cultural leadership of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is speaking with leaders in economic development and business to explore strengthening economies through collaboration.

The recent, successful U.P. artists at ArtPrize project was a collaboration of this type and encourages us to continue the dialogue. With that in mind, U.P. arts and cultural organizations will be invited to explore their vital role of preserving and enhancing the UP as a distinctive cultural region, and in turn, strengthen local and regional economy.

Facilitating this new group will be done by professional facilitators from USDA’s rural development, regional planning districts, and other professional facilitators.

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