From the Director: Using creativity for economic development

August 29, 2017  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

By Pasqua Warstler

“Is creativity depreciated or simply misunderstood?”

This was a question posed by John Dragoon, a senior vice president, chief marketing officer and channel chief at Novell (a leading software and services company) and one that prompts speculation for those of us here at the Bonifas Arts Center and here in our community.

Dragoon observed that many business leaders today agree that creativity is a key attribute, one that is most needed to address business challenges in our 21st century. He agreed with many CEO’s in industry who identified creativity as “the single most important leadership competency for enterprises seeking a path through complexity.”

Here at the Bonifas we know the value creativity. Creativity drives our job function and it motivates us. The richness of our success is the cumulative result of the many: staff, board members, and the oh-so-wondrous-volunteers who are willing to share their creativity. We believe that we are all wired for creativity. With open-minded and inventive dialogue we can engage community members to face the challenges ahead, to look outside the box and work out new, inventive solutions. We believe that this community has everything it needs to plan for a vibrant future and we need your input, your creativity.

As Dragoon suggests, creativity is a tool for leadership. Now as we welcome new leadership at the Visitors & Convention Bureau and the City of Escanaba, we embrace the opportunities to work with their creative direction. We invite you all to embrace the opportunities to recreate the community you hold dear.


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