Studio Gallery Schedule

The 2019 schedule for the Studio Gallery at the Bonifas Fine Arts Center.

Telling Stories through Words and Images

September 5 - October 22
Poetry Reading Sept. 5, 2-4 p.m.
Gallery Reception Oct. 3, 7-9 p.m.
Gallery Walk Oct. 22, 12-1 p.m.

The Studio Gallery is pleased to present a multi-disciplined experience. Through poetry and visual arts, Saari shares intimate glimpses into her own personal history. These vignettes from the artist’s personal collection provide viewers stories of her 20th century European family and life from the Austrian countryside. Saari, a storyteller, gives witness to the aftermath of war. Saari, an artist, presents moments of childhood, love, death, and emigration with tender detail.

New Works of Tracy Anderson

November 6 - December 18

Come and see what Tracy Anderson has been up to in her studio, with new works created from 2017 to the present. She will be showcasing the wide range of different mediums she works in including, scratchboard, encaustic painting, oil painting, ink, and colored pencil as well as mixed media. Definitely a Studio show you will not want to miss!


Youth in Art

February 28 - March 28

YoSoy, Je Suis, Motivated to Create

VSA Michigan Emerging Artists’ Touring Exhibit
April 10 - May 15

This studio exhibit will celebrate the creativity of children, youth and adults with disabilities as expressed through visual arts, and will give awareness for VSA Michigan and the opportunities that the organization offers to artists with disabilities.

Stinky Sneakers

June 25 - July 23

Graphic arts illustrator, and author, Kathy Kuszek will showcase her latest works. She had her artwork on display in the Kasota Gallery in 2016-17 as reward for winning Best in Show at the Waterfront Arts Festival in 2016. Everyone took quite the liking to her work as it showed the playful images of her characters as they adventured. Her talent and use of color are stunning and will be a sure stop on your way to the Main Gallery.

Alcohol Ink Explosion

July 30 - August 27

Monica Miller-Mortel is this year’s winner of the Bonifas Membership Show Award for having a studio exhibit solo show. She was been a member of the Bonifas Arts Center for many years and has been an artist for just as long. She started in oil color painting but when it came time to travel she needed to find a medium that would travel well so she started watercolor painting. A few years back she took a workshop that we offered here in alcohol ink and fell in love with it. She has only been working in this medium for a few years now but has already
mastered it! We hope you enjoy the show.

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