Get Abstract with Canvas, Painter’s Tape, and Paint

April 6, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Get abstract with this abstract line art.

Download Instructions »


 Canvas or even a piece of cardboard 
 Painter’s tape 
 Acrylic paints 
 Paint Brushes 


1. Take the canvas or cardboard and use the painter’s tape to make the design you want (make sure the painter’s tape is pressed down firmly so you get clear lines once it’s removed) 

2. Use your paints and paint over the open canvas parts (you can also paint over the tape, just make sure you have some tape hanging over so you know where it is when you go to pull it off—see pictures on first page for example) 

3. Allow the paint to dry (this may take a while especially if you have applied the paint liberally) 

4. Once paint has dried, you can pull off the tape and you will be able to see your design! 

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