Gladstone donates funds to support art at the Bonifas

December 11, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center


GLADSTONE—The City of Gladstone recently made a donation to the Bonifas Arts Center (BAC), another step in building a longstanding partnership that benefits Gladstone residents and local arts.

City officials decided to donate “community contribution” funds to the BAC, in part, because residents benefit from art exhibited in the Dr. Mary Cretens Art Gallery in City Hall, said Gladstone City Manager Darla Falcon.

City officials select works of art, hopefully by Gladstone residents, from the BAC’s Youth in Art and members’ shows, and these are displayed, temporarily, in the Cretens Gallery, said Falcon.

When Gladstone residents stop by City Hall, when they “pop in to pay a utility bill or some otherbill,” they also can view the Cretens Gallery art, Falcon said.

The BAC also provides programming in Gladstone, including the recent kids’ Comedy Club at Jones Elementary School, said Pasqua Warstler, BAC executive director.Many BAC members, award winners, and volunteers are Gladstone residents, she said, and Gladstone children regularly participate in Missoula Children’s Theatre activities.

“We are very appreciative of the donation,” said Warstler, “and we look forward to finding new ways we can collaborate with the City of Gladstone and Gladstone residents.”

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