Hand drumming class takes a look at different types of rhythms

January 6, 2017  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

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Lorne Watson of Escanaba is an experience hand drummer - congas, bongos or djembes. He likes music of Cuban decent or other Caribbean rhythms. He started learning about that type of music when he was in high school and he saw the school janitor play in a salsa band.

"Everybody likes it, it's fun. It's party music," Watson said. "It's fun for me to play, it's fun for me to teach. Physically it's really good for you. For me, it's a good way to express myself."

Watson is starting a hand drumming class at the Bonifas Arts Center in Escanaba. He says don't worry if you do not have drumming experience or even think you might not have rhythm. He says everyone has rhythm and he's willing to show you how it's done.

"The most popular rhythm is Tumbao which you might know from Tito Puente's Oye Como Va. It's really easy, "he said.

He also has other percussion instruments such as cow bells and gourds to play. Part of the experience is learning the history behind the rhythms and playing as a group.

The class starts Thursday, Jan. 12, and runs for six weeks. There is a youth class at 6 p.m. and an adult class at 7 p.m. You can sign up at the Bonifas Arts Center or online at bonifasarts.org.


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