Hanson's art is inspired by what she sees in the outdoors

November 1, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

At the peak of fall, Kellie Hanson, a mosaic artist from Wallace, reminds us not to take the U.P.’s beauty for granted:

Her art, which is featured in the Bonifas’ current exhibit, often honors the beauty of birch trees; sunflowers and other blooms, such as poppies and daisies; rivers; and various types of birds. Hanson said she is inspired by what she sees outside.

“Living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I see things like that outside my door all the time—water and beautiful skies and sand and beaches—and a lot of people don’t get to see that on a daily basis. Living in the U.P., it is inspiring. It’s hard not to see something beautiful.”

Hanson, whose art recently was exhibited at the downtown Divani gallery & restaurant as part of ArtPrize, a celebrated international art show/competition in Grand Rapids, said she also was inspired by her first time submitting to and attending ArtPrize.

“The amount of artwork” exhibited there, with so many talented artists creating such diverse works, “was just unbelievable,” said Hanson, from mobile-like installations, astounding in their construction; to wood carvings of dogs, moving in the ways they got viewers thinking about war. “It’s just amazing how people’s minds work,” she said, and viewing art, she believes, “inspires you automatically” to think, see, or create differently, “to try something new or to go in a different direction.”

Hanson’s work and art by the 51 U.P. artists just back from ArtPrize can be viewed in the upper and lower galleries through Nov. 2 at the “U.P. Premiere” exhibit. Viewing is free and open to the public.


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