Hippity, Hoppity Bunnies All Around

April 9, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Fill your house with hippity, hoppity bunnies. A fun spring project. Hop along and make some bunny art!

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 Toilet paper rolls (3) 
 Clear tape (6 pieces—3 for each side) 
 Colored paper or cardstock (for background any color and for sun) 
 Paint (white, green, red) 
 Plastic Fork 
 Small, thin paint brush 
 Scissors 
 Cotton balls (3) 
 Elmer’s glue 
 Black pen for eyes, mouth, teeth, and whiskers 


1. Take two of the three toilet paper rolls and squish them into oval shapes, these will become the ears and tape them together on either end in the middle 

2. With the other toilet paper tube match up the circle with the ovals and tape them together on either end attached to the ears (will be a little bit at an angle– see photo) 

3. With the bunny formed, you can start with the paint, you will need the white first for the bunnies. Dip the bunny form in the white paint and then press firmly down on the paper to make the stamp. You can always add more paint and stamp it again if need be. 

4. After stamping your bunnies, you will need the green paint and the fork for the grass. Just dip the fork in the paint and set it on the paper to make the blades of grass (you can use multiple shades of green to achieve a layered look) 

5. Next, you will need the small, thin paint brush for the bunnies noses and ears as well as the red paint—just use a little dot for the noses and whatever you feel is right for the inside of your bunnies ears 

6. Let all the paint dry thoroughly (this may take a while depending on how liberal you were with your paints) 

7. While the paint is drying, you can make a sun and use the scissors to cut it out and glue down the cotton balls for clouds if you’d like 

8. The last thing to do is to draw on the bunnies eyes, mouth, teeth and whiskers. 

Now, hop along and make some art! 

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