Holy Name students check out the robotic exhibit at the Bonifas

July 24, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center
Listen to the story with the Holy Name Summer Academy


Kids taking part in Holy Name's Summer Academy program checked out the robots and displays at the Bonifas Arts Center Thursday.

The exhibit, titled "Kid Produced: Industrializing Education" features the Escanaba and Gladstone robotic teams and projects at the Delta Schoolcraft Intermediate School District.

Holy name teacher Marilyn McNamee they are focusing on building at the summer academy and this week included motion.

"And we found out that the Bonifas was having the robots here so we wanted the children to have an opportunity to see what engineering can do for them if they decide they want to go into something with engineering and that they can start at a realy young age," she said.

Fifth grader Sophie Afkab liked one of the robots she saw. She says she thinks she would like to do robotics someday.

"But I think I'd struggle with it a lot because it looks hard to build," Sofie said. "I think they put in a lot of effort."

Fourth grader Everett Olson was already trying to figure why the older students did what they did to design the robots. He questioned how the wheels worked.

"Since all of the wheels are the same how would they have good traction to the ground?" Everett wondered. "If they kept on spinning would it stop or not?"

The Bonifas will be holding an open house today for the exhibit from 2 to 4 p.m. The summer acadmeny at Holy Name runs through August 6.

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