Irving sells handwoven wall hangings on display at Erickson Center

July 18, 2017  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

The Erickson Center for the Arts in Curtis,MI, has announced that Carol Irving's piece, "Black & White," has been purchased. The buyer is J. D. Goldthorpe, an Erickson Center board member. It will become part of the Erickson's permanent collection and will be hung and displayed in their banquet and performance hall.

The Handwoven Triptych is part of the exhibit called "Visions Between the Lakes", works by Ben Bohnsack, Carol Irving, and Tracy Anderson. This exhibit was the result and award given out at the 2016 Bonifas Arts annual Northern Exposure art exhibit.

"Black & White" is a series of handwoven wall hangings - Wool & Linen, sizes are 3x5 ft. each. The total width would be approximately 10 feet wide. It was designed and woven by Irving in 2015 and was on display at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids and the Bonifas Arts Center.

The piece is also known as "So Much Struggle Series", due to it's complexity and time it took to design and weave this piece.

"With this triptych of hangings, my goal was to explore a simple design and then push that design in it's complexity to something new and different," Irving said for ArtPrize. "They are physical and tactile creating a sacred, or spiritual space within, crying out to be touched. Using only black and white yarn instead of colors, let me explore the design process even more. Like my other hangings, this piece is about ornament and texture, skilled labor, timeless beauty, and the inner spirit made visible."

She hopes to share her love of design, fiber and weaving with those who view her work.


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