Join taping of Players de Noc's radio show of 'It' A Wonderful Life'

December 19, 2018  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Join a live taping Thursday night at the Bonifas theater at 8 p.m. of "It's A Wonderful Life."

Victoria Radke and Erica Mead will narrate the Players de Noc radio show. There is a large cast, including Pete Ammel as George Bailey, Georgia Wilder Peitsch as Mary Hatch and Jim Powell as Clarence.

Other members of the cast include:

Joseph: Andrew Jones
Henry Potter: Pete Dzanbozoff
Uncle Billy: Michael Peitsch
Mr. Bailey: Jim Soderberg
Mr. Gower: Jesse Traub
Mrs. Hatch: Tammra Moore Barteld
Mrs. Bailey: Paulette Pepin
Young George: Adian Duncan
Harry Bailey: Brian Tourangeau
Ernie: Jamie Peterson
Bert: Brian Tourangeau
Janie: Lucinda Tebear
Petey: Ty Peterson
Zuzu: Claire Jacobson
Bridge Keeper: Dwayne Klein
Dr. Campbell: Dwayne Klein
Eunice: Jessie Van Zile
Tilly: Natalie Tourangeau
Hortense: Theresa LeMire
Sam Wainwright/Sheriff: Joe Russo
Nick the Bartender/Randell: Murad Abel
Martini: Jim Soderberg
Welch: Lou Reynolds
Charlene: Jenny Heller
Mrs Thompson: Kali Katarincic
Miscellaneous Voices: Brian Kadletz, Katherine LeDuc, Madeline Gardner

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