Journaling, writing helps focus on life, Baum says at artist talk

August 10, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

By Kate Oman, participant at an artist talk with Suzy Banks Baum at the Escanaba Public Library

The other night, we got a glimpse into author, actor, and mother, Suzy Banks Baum at the Escanaba Public Library.

Suzy, an Escanaba native, shared with us her journey from Escanaba’s High School English class, where her assignment was to keep a daily journal, to her great success in life as a career artist and how she embraced motherhood through it all without losing herself in the process, all while keeping that daily journal that was assigned so many years before.

She has traveled the world, bringing inspiration to mothers, women, and men helping them to find their voice through pen & paper. Her talk focused on finding time daily to take “Me time” to focus on daily writing exercises.

One powerful question she asked was “What lights you up?- use that as a starting point for daily journaling.” The newest of each morning is a great better because “First thought, best thought”- brings positive energy to writing.

She also made us think about where we were in our journal writing habits by stating “If what you are focusing on is not what you want to remember, you need to look at what you are focusing on.”

This could also be applied to life and what we do with it. Her talk was very insightful and we look forward to her next visit back to Escanaba.


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