Kazoo & Tambourine Music Magic

March 23, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Have fun with music with items found at home. You can make these instruments and perform a concert!

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Supplies for the Kazoo: 

 Toilet paper roll 

 Markers 

 Wax paper or parchment paper 

 Pen 

 Scissors 

 Rubber band 

Supplies for the Tambourine: 

 2 Paper plates 

 Markers 

 Stapler 

 Any item to fill the tambourine to make sound (can be buttons, dried beans, pennies, beads or a combination of any items) 

Directions for the Kazoo: 

1. Color the toilet paper roll with markers however you would like 

2. Let the toilet paper roll dry 

3. Take the wax paper or parchment paper and draw out a circle larger than the end of the toilet paper roll with the pen (leave about an inch and a half out from the end of the roll) 

4. Using the scissors, cut out the circle 

5. Attach the cut out circle to one end of the colored toilet paper roll with the rubber band 

6. Now, sing into the kazoo to make some awesome music! 

Directions for the Tambourine: 

1. Turn the plates over so the bottoms are now on top, and color them with your markers 

2. Let the plates dry a little 

3. Turn one plate over again so it can be the bottom of the tambourine 

4. Place the other plate on top of the bottom plate and start stapling together, but only staple half of it together right away 

5. Now, fill with your sound-making objects 

6. Finish stapling the rest of the way around the plates (this could get tricky depending on the size of the objects you used, so you may need to ask someone for help) 

7. Now, shake that tambourine and sing along as well! You are a one kid band! 

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