Kids rule at Players de Noc's performance of 'A Christmas Story'

December 3, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center
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Listen to the interview with Haden Frazer and Sean Sullivan[/ult_cornerbox]

Players de Noc's production "A Christmas Story" opens Dec. 4 at the Bonifas Theater in Escanaba.

It's a story told by Ralphie Parker played by Trent Lawson. His two buddies are Schwartz, played by Sean Sullivan and Flick played by Haden Frazer.

Haden says he is the one that sticks his tongue to the lamp post.

"Ah, Fwick, way! Cone bawck! Don weave! Cone bawck!," he says with his tongue stuck out like he does in the play. "Which is ouch, Flick, wait! Come back! Don't leave! Come back!"

Not giving too much away, Sean says there are several things he likes about the play.

"I think it's hilarious and I really like the leg lamp and how he actually shoots his glasses off," Sean said.

"The kids are on stage by themselves most of the time so we depend on them and they are doing an amazng job," said Karen Beveridge, who plays Raphie's mom.

Other kids in the play include Aiden Duncan, Gia Economopoulos, Mackenzie Niswonger, Madeline Gardner, Leana Tope, Karsyn Gatiss and Gabe Peterson.

It runs Friday, Dec. 4, Saturday and Sunday afternoon and again the following Wed through Sat. Tickets are available at the Bonifas.

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