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January 20, 2019  |  by 100 Day Project


1-20-19 Day 1 Beginning Again

Sometimes life just happens. The best laid plans, the dreamiest of dreams, the greatest hopes for the future all have a way of taking their own course. At times we are left having to make decisions that restructure our lives, or in some cases, cause us to give up. Neither is an easy decision and neither happens overnight.

When everything about the daily routine of life seems to be a chore, and you realize that you are tired of your own company, it is time for a change.

My life has changed course over the last several years. More recently, I have been “nesting,” building my very own cocoon of comfort and safety.  Gradually however,  I have been finding that just that is not enough. I have begun to recognize that I need to reach out and become a part of daily life once again. While I could choose to continue to live a quiet hermit-like existence, safe from the hurts and trials of relationships, I find I am missing out on that important interaction with humanity. Slowly, I have been opening myself to new experiences, and pushing myself at times to do the uncomfortable in an attempt to recognize the path ahead.

Even through the most frigid and seemingly desolate of winters, we always know that spring will come. My plan is to find spring once again in my life. In this 100DayProject I plan to focus on rebirth. I want to be re-inspired, and learn to recognize joy in each and every day.

I will call my project…Phoenix Rising.

The rest of the blog thus far can be found at:  100daysphoenix.home.blog

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