Escanaba Summer Music Camp

The work sample provides a mix of excerpts from live recordings of the camps that Lorne Watson taught in the past. The photos show Ben Zindler and Lorne Watson in their musical environment as performers and educators. In the recordings you will here a variety of skill levels from beginning middle school to advanced high school. You will here some testimony from the stage, cover tunes and students original compositions. The descriptions below explain the history of the youth that performed on the recordings.

Capitol Basement
Capitol Basement is a teen band created during a Seattle Drum School Rock Camp, under the direction of Lorne Watson. The band members started in junior high, staying together through high school. Over time they released an EP and one full-length album, produced by Watson.

Mr. Rose - Environmental and Adventure School
Lorne Watson collaborated with Mr. Rose to create a special week of music instruction for his charter school students in Seattle, WA. This session became the foundation for all the Summer Rock Camps Watson directed at the Seattle Drum School.

Rock, Jazz, and Drum/Percussion Camps
After a week of daily workshops and rehearsals, participating students performed live for the public. Below is description and skill level of each excerpt. These recordings are an example of the recordings that will be made for the Escanaba Summer Music Camp.

Track Title
Skill Level
Long Hour
Capitol Basement: original
Advanced Rock Camp
Mr. Rose – Charter School Teacher
Camp Participant
Herbie Handcock
Advanced Jazz Camp
Road Trip
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Intermediate Drum Camp
Sara – 7th grade student
Camp Participant
I Love Candy
The Strangeloves
Beginning Rock Camp
Lorne Watson
Intermediate Drum Camp
Back in Black
Beginning Rock Camp
Capitol Basement: student original
Advanced Rock Camp
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