Northern Exposure awards announced at Bonifas reception

November 22, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Awards for Northern Exposure were presented on Nov. 10 at a reception at the Bonifas.

1st Place: “Rabbit and Forest Fire” by Joyce Koskenmaki

2nd Place: “Rivers Edge” by Marc Himes

3rd Place: “Putting on Airs” by Scott Leipski

Alberta House Arts Center: April South-Olson

Erickson Center for the Arts: Carol Irving, Tracy Anderson, Ben Bohnsack

Finlandia University Reflection Gallery: Brian Kakas

Lake Superior Arts Association: Brian Burroughs

Lake Superior State University: Sara Bagley

Paige Waird Gallery: Tracey Anderson

Escanaba Daily Press: “Fractured” by Christina Kionka

Iron Mountain Daily Press: “Storm Over Lake Superior” by Paul Hess,

Marquette Mining Journal: “Witness to a Satellite Re-entry” by Paul Nelson WYKX-FM/680 WDBC-AM: “Out the Car Window” by April South Olson, “Rivers Edge” by Marc Himes, “In Good Hands” by Tracy L Anderson

Munising News: “Storm Over Lake Superior” by Paul Hess

Daily Mining Gazette: “Blue Sky Day” by Ginnie Cappaert

Manistique Pioneer Tribune: “A Midwinter Night” by Jason Limberg

“Polar Bear with Stars” by Joyce Koskenmaki

“Spring Break” by Michael Hall

“Marsh Magic” by Ronna Katz

“The Sentinel” by Paul Nelson

“Light and Lace” by Jennifer Leighton

“Jug of Flowers” by Rebecca Smith-Miles

“Swirling Seasons” by Kate Oman

“Infusion” by Linda Swan

“The Upverse” by Shawn Malone

Artist Residency: Paul Rose for “Manifestation of my Dreams”

Artist Network Award 1: Brian Burroughs for “The Bible Never Mentions Cats”

Artist Network Award 2: April South Olson for “Out the Car Window”

Artist Network Award 3: Judy Merrill-Smith for “Angel for Beginning Stitchers”


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