OSF Gladstone clinic to purchase artwork from Bonifas photo exhibit

February 10, 2017  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

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OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group has agreed to purchase 15 to 20 photographs from the Bonifas Arts Center's photo contest called "The Inspiring U.P."

Lindsey Stearns, community relations specialist at OSF, said they plan to use the artwork to decorate their new facility being built in Gladstone.

"We have an 18,000 sq. foot building that we are going to be putting pieces in so it was perfect timing that we have this blank canvas to put these unique pictures in and it really just goes with supporting our community. I think it's really neat that we may have a Gladstone artist in our Gladstone building," Stearns said.

The photo exhibit at the Bonifas runs from April 6 to May 4. Stearns said they plan to complete the construction of the Gladstone Clinic in June.

"It's coming along. With the weather there has been a couple of setbacks here or there. Not much. Originally we thought maybe May. Now we are looking at June," she said.

The deadline to enter the photo contest is March 4. An application is available at bonifasarts.org.


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