Paper Plate Monster

April 2, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Scare the Pants off of your Parents with this Paper Plate Monster!

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 Paper plate (plain white is best) 
 Scissors 
 Glue Stick 
 Watercolors or acrylic paints 
 Sharpie 
 White Uni-ball pen or white paint pen 
 Optional: Google eyes 


1. Cut an “X” in the middle of the paper plate (you may need to bend the plate a little to make the cut) 

2. Cut out the inner circle following the “X” lines and save the pieces to make teeth and horns (the pictures above show the process and show a partially completed monster) 

3. Attach the teeth (to top and bottom) and horns with the glue stick (have fun with the teeth—use any shape or multiple shapes!) 

4. Paint the open circle, horns, and even teeth if you would like with watercolors or acrylic paints, whatever you have (keep in mind acrylics will take longer to dry) - you can work on blending colors with watercolors and see what colors blend well together 

5. Let the paints dry 

6. At this point if you have google eyes, you can glue them on as eyes, otherwise, use the Sharpie to draw circles for eyes with black dots in the middle and use the white Uni-ball pen or white paint pen to fill in the spaces between the outline of the eyes and the circle 

You have done it! You made a Monster! 

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