Pasqua Warstler tours the U.P. Pavilion at ArtPrize

September 23, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Pasqua Warstler: Hi and welcome to the U.P. Pavilion at DeVos Place. We’re here at ArtPrize VIII, 2016, and we re just entering the amazing U.P. Pavilion.

We have 28 artists here and we can see them as we walk along the skywalk here. It’s a beautiful facility. One of the premiere venues at ArtPrize.

We have some of our best artists right here showing. We have Martha Fieber, Bernie Park from Marquette, Mary Godfrey over here.

It’s been an exciting day. People have spent a lot of time, the DeVos Place crew and the Bonitas Arts Center crew, in setting up and installing.

There are some of us down here now. The U.P. is storming Grand Rapids. We’ve been to the Grand Rapids Arts Museum and some other venues.

Here we have Dale Wedig from Northern Michigan University, an instructor there. And we have John Hubbard, a retired university professor in painting from Northern Michigan University. Steve Uren from Marquette. We have a Gladstone artist here too, Scott Liepski.

We are going to introduce the U.P. to all of the ArtPrize visitors. Check out the website and remember to vote for your favorite U.P. artist.


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