Pavilion at DeVos Place to feature U.P. artists at ArtPrize

February 22, 2016  |  by Bonifas Arts Center


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Listen to press conference with Sue Roll and Pasqua Warsler on U.P. Pavilion at ArtPrize[/ult_cornerbox]

We are happy to announce DeVos Place as the supporting ArtPrize venue and home of the U.P. Pavilion 2016.

DeVos Place is located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids with a riverfront setting that is the perfect backdrop for all types of art. The venue has reserved over 500 linear feet of space, sympathetic to many mediums of art. We are seeking U.P. artists whose work celebrates culture, heritage, and diversity of form, life and tradition. Learn more at

“We look forward to creating this new Pavilion focusing on Michigan artists, specifically artists from the Upper Peninsula. DeVos Place will serve as a catalyst, as a vital space to convene, think, witness, ponder, and/or inspire U.P. Artists to be engaged in art at the U.P. Pavilion for ArtPrize 2016,” said Eddie T.L. Tadlock, Lead Artistic Curator for DeVos Place.

ArtPrize 2016
ArtPrize is a radically open international art competition decided by public vote and expert jury that takes place each fall in Grand Rapids. September 21 through October 9, art entries from all over the world cover three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids—and it’s all free and open to the public. Learn more about ArtPrize at

“ArtPrize is the perfect platform to connect the world to the artists who reside in the ‘land above the Bridge.’ The Upper Peninsula contains 29% of the land area of Michigan but just 3% of its total population. It is with anticipation and excitement that the 3%, many whom are artists, will have a spotlight on their creativity during ArtPrize 2016 at the U.P. Pavilion at DeVos Place,” Tadlock said.

What makes ArtPrize unique?

  • Open Call for Artists and Venues: Anyone over age 18 can be an artist, and any space within the ArtPrize district can be a venue. Anyone can participate.
  • Independently Organized: The entire ArtPrize exhibition is independently organized by venues and artists who connect through
  • Public Vote and Juried Awards: Two $200,000 grand prizes and eight category awards, more than $500,000, is awarded, half decided by public vote and half decided by a jury of art experts.

Artists interested in participating in the U.P. Pavilion should use the standard ArtPrize registration. Anyone over 18, working in any medium, from any place on earth, can enter ArtPrize! Just sign up for an account and pay the $50 fee during Artist Registration.

Note: To be considered for the U.P. Pavilion, artists must register by April 22, 2016.

“We are part of that daring venture that will offer all of the useful and necessary tools for the perfect gathering of U.P. artists and their work. It is our desire that your ArtPrize experience at DeVos Place is brought to you full of fun, creativity, a little tension, honest conversation and a modicum of humor.” – Eddie T.L. Tadlock, Lead Artistic Curator for DeVos Place

Bonifas Arts Center
The Bonifas Arts Center, whose staff initiated the 2016 ArtPrize U.P. Pavilion partnership, is a regional art center located in Escanaba in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Bonifas is active year-round as a multifaceted exhibiting and arts service organization offering an array of performances and educational programs spanning the visual, performing, and lifestyle arts. Two-time winner of the Governor’s Award for Excellence (1990, 2007), the Bonifas offers an always-expanding variety of gallery exhibits, concerts, classes, and festivities for all ages and ability levels, including children. The Bonifas also is home to Players de Noc Community Theater. The Bonifas exists to enhance and inspire the cultural and creative lives of Upper Peninsula residents and visitors.

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