Players de Noc opens 'A Christmas Story' at Bonifas theater

December 1, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center
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Players de Noc's production "A Christmas Story" opens Friday, Dec. 4. at the Bonifas Theater in Escanaba.

It's a story that most people know because of the movie but Brian Tourangeau, who plays Ralphie's dad, says the stage adds a different element.

"There's a difficulty with it but a lot of it comes from the live essence to it. You can go out and see a movie and watch it all the time but once you bring that live element to it, it's not the same thing you're going to see from watching a movie all the time. You get the feeling of actually being at the situations you're put in," he said.

Although similar to the movie, the stage play has a different focus as Players brings the iconic story to life.

"The movie is focused on Ralphie who is the young boy and the voice you hear is the older Ralph but you don't actually see him so all of the focus is on the kid. Where in the show, the narrator that I'm playing is actually a physical presence on stage so the focus is not only on the kid, you get to see the reaction and interaction of the older Ralph," said Jeff Woerpel.

The play runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday and again next Wednesday through Saturday. Tickets are available at the Bonifas Fine Arts Center or at the door if available.

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