Players de Noc picks cast for its upcoming musical 'Lucky Stiff'

December 16, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center


The cast for Players de Noc's musical "Lucky Stiff" has been announced. The musical runs March 4-12, 2016, and is directed by Ed Dwyer and Tom Knoll. Tryouts were held at the Bonifas following the production of "A Christmas Story". Chosen for the cast were:

Dead body of Tony Hendon: Jim Soderberg

Harry Witherspoon: Mark Ammel

Annabel Glick: Robin Gavriloff

Rita LaPorta: Lynn Soderberg

Vincent DiRuzzio: Tim Krebs

Luigi Gaudi: Pete Dzanbozoff

Dominique DuManaco: Samantha White

Emcee: Greg Schwalbach

Landlady: Cathy Wilson

Ensemble: Garrek Dyszel, Heidi Prevost, Ed Lantagne, Kelly Pepin, Jason Thibeault, Hailie Richard, Michelle Wood, Olivia LaForest

"Lucky Stiff" is a murder mystery farce that propels a mild-mannered English shoe clerk into a lunatic mix of murdered Atlantic City croupier, his near-sighted jilted mistress, her hen-pecked brother and several hundred (off-stage) dogs. He will inherit six million dollars if he can successfully go on holiday with his departed uncle in Monte Carlo for a week. If he doesn’t pull it off, the money goes to the Universal Dogs Home.

Stay tuned for tickets.

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