Players de Noc presents a virtual performance of original play 'Bare Cabin'

April 29, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center
Listen to Jamie Peterson talk about "Bare Cabin"

ESCANABA — Players de Noc is having a virtual performance of a local play written by JJ Spaulding. It is called "Bare Cabin." 

Jamie Peterson says it will be performed from the actor’s homes at a time we are isolated. 

"It follows a family of three and this small family lives in isolation out in the woods," said Peterson. They're off the grid, they left society and the play follows them and what happens when they are no longer off of the grid."

Peterson says when the actors are restricted to individual squares online there were lot’s of things to consider such as using their voice and facial expressions to communicate their part. And the script had to be adapted to be more like a radio play than a theater play.

"You might not notice but so many times in the script there might be references to, 'Give me that!' or 'Whatcha doing over there?' That doesn't work when you can't see what it is that they are giving. So, you have to re-write that to be more explanatory, like, 'Give me that knife!' or 'What are you doing at the door?'" Peterson said.

Peterson the production was a way for Players to still be creative and to show the community that they are still here.

The premiere will be held at 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 29, on Players de Noc Facebook page. It will also be posted on Youtube that will be linked from

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