Rainbow Heart Wreath

March 25, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

If you love rainbows, you will love making this Rainbow Heart Wreath. When you're done, hang it in the window!

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 Cardstock, construction paper, or any colorful paper 

 Ruler 

 Pencil 

 Scissors 

 Stapler 

 Some type of cord to hang up the wreath (I braided yarn) 

 Tape to hang up 


1. Pick out 6 colors of paper 

2. Use the ruler to measure 12 inches (the length of the ruler) on the colored paper two times and do this on all 6 colors of paper 

3. Use the scissors to cut out the two strips of matching colors on each of your colors of paper ( you will have 12 strips of paper in total at the end) 

4. Next, fold each strip of paper in half 

5. After folding each strip in half, bend the two ends in together to meet to make the shape of a heart and staple the two ends together 


6. Continue making the hearts for all 12 strips of paper 

7. Once all of the hearts are made, arrange them in your rainbow pattern in a circle shape, and attach them together in that circle shape with the stapler by stapling them together 

8. When everything is attached, you can attach your cord, I used yarn that I braided and attached it with the stapler (HINT: Try to make the cord long so that the circle will stay a circle when hung up, as it may tend to make an egg-shape—to avoid this, you can hang it with two hangers one on each side instead of one in the center 

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