Rockets Away! Glue, Salt, and Watercolor Painting

April 20, 2020  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

This project is out of this world! This project makes your rocket jump off the page.

Download Instructions »


 Black card stock or black construction paper 
 Elmer’s glue 
 Morton table salt 
 Watercolors 
 Cookie sheet 


1. Place the black card stock or construction paper on the cookie sheet as this project will get messy! 

2. Make your design in Elmer’s glue 

3. Next, cover the Elmer’s glue with the Morton salt (you can press down lightly) 

4. Shake off excess salt into the cookie sheet (you may need to do this multiple times and empty the salt into the trash) 

5. Let sit and dry for approximately an hour before painting with watercolors 

6. Paint with watercolors with extra water if need be (if the salt starts to clump up, let the glue dry a bit longer and make sure excess salt is off) 


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