Seminar to help writers fill the empty page

August 3, 2015  |  by Bonifas Arts Center


Ask any writer and they’ll tell you nothing weighs more than a blank page.

To shed that weight of creation, author and artist Suzi Banks Baum has developed a number of techniques that she applies to her own work. Now, with her upcoming discussion and workshop being held at the Escanaba Public Library and the William Bonifas Fine Arts Center this August, any writer and artist can learn to more easily lighten their load.

Keeping a daily journal is common practice among writers. For Baum, it’s something she’s done regularly since high school. Then, her English teacher would assign notebooks as a means to not only gather information but also as a place to house creative ideas and inspirations for later use. Expanding on that over the years, Baum fills her journals with hand-painted and vintage papers, collages, small paintings, and even the occasional simple doodle. She creates fully three-dimensional pop-up spreads, a skill she’s learned from her studies with master book artists like Ulrike Grannis, Joy Seidler, and through Paulus Berensohn’s “Soul’s Kitchen” workshops.

Baum’s sessions will be held on August 20. The first, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, will be from 12:30 to 2:00 at the Escanaba Public Library. That will be a discussion focused on the building and cultivating of daily practices. The second session will follow at the Arts Center from 2:30 to 5:30 and will be in a workshop format that includes hands-on experience for those in attendance.

REGISTRATION: Writing and Art Workshop with Suzi Baum

As a part of Baum’s “Powder Keg Sessions,” her workshop at the Bonifas will key on introducing creative writing techniques to new writers while offering advanced practices on how to tap inner resources for more established writers. Doodling, watercolors, and poetry are some of the mediums Baum typically uses in her instruction of the writing and journaling process. And artist demonstration on book-making will also be included.

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