Take the Bonifas Arts Center's 'Tell Us More' survey

January 3, 2019  |  by Bonifas Arts Center

Are you interested in having a say in what happens to a local community pillar? The Bonifas Arts Center is currently looking for your opinions to help the Bonifas explore new options for programming and classes, to understand the needs of the community, and to better serve the area.


“People’s responses will help shape what we plan for our gallery, our classes, and events in the coming years,” Director Sue Roll expressed, “ Our mission is to ‘enhance and inspire the creative and cultural lives’ of our community. To do this, we need insight and opinions beyond our own experience so that we can offer more interesting and appealing programs.”

Even though creativity and creative expression are parts of our everyday lives, from the clothes we buy to the colors we choose to paint our walls, art is often seen as something that only a few talented people can aspire to do.

As a community art center, the Bonifas is working hard to dispel this myth and create a center that nurtures and fosters the arts for all people. The survey is one way that they can work together with the community to help create a vibrant, thriving art center for the Upper Peninsula.

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