Need a break? Try making a Zentangle Hand as a form of creative meditation! The definition of Zentangle is: a form of meditative doodling that has patterns, or tangles, put together to form a Zen-tangle.*

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 Blank piece of card stock, any color or any piece of blank paper 
 Fine line, acid free marker or black ball point pen 
 Your own hand for tracing 


1. Lay out your piece of paper and trace your hand with your pen 

2. Next, using your pen—doodle and doodle whatever you feel 

3. You are the creator, so you can create ANYTHING! 

*Definition from 

Reach out with your creativity this Earth Day with our "Earth Day Hand Tree" project!

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 Flat canvas panel, thicker white paper, or regular canvas 
 Pencil (to trace hand for tree base) 
 Brown acrylic paint 
 Green acrylic paint 
 Yellow acrylic paint 
 Plastic Fork or regular fork (either way, they can be washed) 
 Paper plate (2–optional, otherwise you can use regular plate or color palate if you have one at home) 


1. Lay out the flat canvas panel, thicker white paper, or regular canvas 

2. Place hand on the flat canvas panel, thicker white paper, or regular canvas and use the pencil to trace hand and some of the arm to make the base of the tree trunk and fingers as the branches 

3. Use the brown acrylic paint to paint the hand tracing (you can use the optional paper plate for easy clean-up to place the brown paint on, otherwise you can use a regular plate or color palate tray if you have one at home) 

4. Allow time for the paint to dry (approximately 30-45 minutes– you can use this time to wash the plate or palate) 

5. Now, it’s time to get a little messy with the green and yellow acrylic paint! You get to use your fingers to paint by dipping them in the paint and placing them on the surface as the leaves/buds (here you’d use the second optional paper plate for the green and yellow paints or the regular plate or palate) 

6. Next, you can use the plastic fork or the regular fork to mix the green and yellow paint together to use to make grass around the tree trunk 

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Please let us see your Earth Day Hand Trees! 

This project is out of this world! This project makes your rocket jump off the page.

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 Black card stock or black construction paper 
 Elmer’s glue 
 Morton table salt 
 Watercolors 
 Cookie sheet 


1. Place the black card stock or construction paper on the cookie sheet as this project will get messy! 

2. Make your design in Elmer’s glue 

3. Next, cover the Elmer’s glue with the Morton salt (you can press down lightly) 

4. Shake off excess salt into the cookie sheet (you may need to do this multiple times and empty the salt into the trash) 

5. Let sit and dry for approximately an hour before painting with watercolors 

6. Paint with watercolors with extra water if need be (if the salt starts to clump up, let the glue dry a bit longer and make sure excess salt is off) 


Use you imagination to fly away in a hot air balloon. Create your own balloon and get ready for a wonderful scene. 

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Download Balloon Template »


 Printed off balloon and square templates (to either color and use or to use as templates for use on any colored paper for hot air balloons and baskets) 
 Blue paper (construction or card stock) 
 White paint 
 Fan paint brush 
 Glue stick 
 Elmer’s glue 
 Scissors 
 Twine 
 Buttons, sequins, beads, washers, other found objects to decorate the colored paper hot air balloons 
 Pen (to draw yourself in the basket and write where you’re flying and why) 


1. Lay out the background construction paper or card stock and using the white paint and the fan paint brush, paint clouds on the paper (you can do this easily by dipping the brush in the paint and dabbing off the excess paint on a paper plate—still leave a bit on the brush and use that on the paper to create your unique clouds) 

2. Allow time for your clouds to dry 

3. Next, you can print off the Hot Air Balloon Template and either cut it out and trace it onto other colored paper OR you can color the template and use that in this craft (I chose to trace and use another color of paper—SEE A,B,C

4. After the paint is dry, you can use the Elmer’s glue stick to place down the hot air balloons and baskets, leave some room on the edges for you to glue in the twine (if you don’t have twine, feel free to draw on the balloon’s supports) 

5. Use a dab of glue on each end of the twine under each designated spot on the balloon where you want the supports, same with the baskets (you will need two inches of twine approximately) 

6. Next comes the fun part! If you would like to, and why wouldn’t you?!?! You get to decorate your hot air balloons with your ob-jects: the buttons, sequins, beads, washers, and other found ob-jects! You can use anything, so have fun! 

7. Now, draw yourself in your hot air balloon and write where you would fly in your very own hot air balloon and why! 

Create your own musical instrument called the xylophone. A xylophone is a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden bars struck by mallets. 

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 Paper towel rolls (4 to 5) 
 Hole punch 
 Ruler 
 Pencil 
 Scissors 
 Pipe Cleaners, twine, or string of some kind 
 Stickers, Sequins, or anything to decorate your xylophone how you would like (if you use sequins or anything that sticks up, only do one side so you can play the other side with a pencil or pen) 
 Elmer’s glue if you use sequins 


1. Collect your paper towel rolls (4 to 5) 

2. The average paper towel roll is 11 inches long - keep one this length, measure (mark with the pencil) and cut one to 9 inches, measure and cut another to 7 inch-es, measure and cut another to 5 inches, and from one of the last two cut, measure and cut the last to 3 inches (you will have 5 paper towel rolls in total now) 

3. On each paper towel roll, hole punch a hole in the top and bottom on each side directly above/below each oth-er 

4. Connect the paper towel rolls using the pipe cleaners, twine, or any other type of string by simply twist-ing or tying together 

5. Once the rolls are connected, you can make your handle for your xylophone from pipe cleaners (you will need 2 twisted together to reach across the longest paper towel roll), otherwise, you can use twine or any other string 

6. Now, you can decorate one side of your xylophone using the stickers, sequins and Elmer’s glue, or even anything else you would like to use to decorate (if you’d like you can color them with markers, but be sure to leave time for them to dry and I’d suggest coloring them after cutting them to size) 

7. It’s time to play your xylophone! Just hold it by the handle you made and play on the non-decorated side with either a pen or a pencil! Notice the different pitches that the xylophone has based on how long or short the paper towel roll is! Have fun marching to your beats! 

Fill your house with hippity, hoppity bunnies. A fun spring project. Hop along and make some bunny art!

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 Toilet paper rolls (3) 
 Clear tape (6 pieces—3 for each side) 
 Colored paper or cardstock (for background any color and for sun) 
 Paint (white, green, red) 
 Plastic Fork 
 Small, thin paint brush 
 Scissors 
 Cotton balls (3) 
 Elmer’s glue 
 Black pen for eyes, mouth, teeth, and whiskers 


1. Take two of the three toilet paper rolls and squish them into oval shapes, these will become the ears and tape them together on either end in the middle 

2. With the other toilet paper tube match up the circle with the ovals and tape them together on either end attached to the ears (will be a little bit at an angle– see photo) 

3. With the bunny formed, you can start with the paint, you will need the white first for the bunnies. Dip the bunny form in the white paint and then press firmly down on the paper to make the stamp. You can always add more paint and stamp it again if need be. 

4. After stamping your bunnies, you will need the green paint and the fork for the grass. Just dip the fork in the paint and set it on the paper to make the blades of grass (you can use multiple shades of green to achieve a layered look) 

5. Next, you will need the small, thin paint brush for the bunnies noses and ears as well as the red paint—just use a little dot for the noses and whatever you feel is right for the inside of your bunnies ears 

6. Let all the paint dry thoroughly (this may take a while depending on how liberal you were with your paints) 

7. While the paint is drying, you can make a sun and use the scissors to cut it out and glue down the cotton balls for clouds if you’d like 

8. The last thing to do is to draw on the bunnies eyes, mouth, teeth and whiskers. 

Now, hop along and make some art! 

Get abstract with this abstract line art.

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 Canvas or even a piece of cardboard 
 Painter’s tape 
 Acrylic paints 
 Paint Brushes 


1. Take the canvas or cardboard and use the painter’s tape to make the design you want (make sure the painter’s tape is pressed down firmly so you get clear lines once it’s removed) 

2. Use your paints and paint over the open canvas parts (you can also paint over the tape, just make sure you have some tape hanging over so you know where it is when you go to pull it off—see pictures on first page for example) 

3. Allow the paint to dry (this may take a while especially if you have applied the paint liberally) 

4. Once paint has dried, you can pull off the tape and you will be able to see your design! 

Scare the Pants off of your Parents with this Paper Plate Monster!

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 Paper plate (plain white is best) 
 Scissors 
 Glue Stick 
 Watercolors or acrylic paints 
 Sharpie 
 White Uni-ball pen or white paint pen 
 Optional: Google eyes 


1. Cut an “X” in the middle of the paper plate (you may need to bend the plate a little to make the cut) 

2. Cut out the inner circle following the “X” lines and save the pieces to make teeth and horns (the pictures above show the process and show a partially completed monster) 

3. Attach the teeth (to top and bottom) and horns with the glue stick (have fun with the teeth—use any shape or multiple shapes!) 

4. Paint the open circle, horns, and even teeth if you would like with watercolors or acrylic paints, whatever you have (keep in mind acrylics will take longer to dry) - you can work on blending colors with watercolors and see what colors blend well together 

5. Let the paints dry 

6. At this point if you have google eyes, you can glue them on as eyes, otherwise, use the Sharpie to draw circles for eyes with black dots in the middle and use the white Uni-ball pen or white paint pen to fill in the spaces between the outline of the eyes and the circle 

You have done it! You made a Monster! 

It's Spring! Create your own garden of Cupcake Liner Flowers and bring a little joy to your day.

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 Cupcake Liners (3) 

 Construction paper or cardstock (color of your choice) 

 Pipe Cleaners (3) 

 Scissors 

 Elmer’s glue 

 Buttons (for center of flowers) 

 Colored pens, markers, crayons, cotton balls for clouds, and any-thing else you can use to decorate your paper! 


1. Pick out your color of paper for the background 

2. Take the pipe cleaners and bend in half and then cut them in half with the scissors (one half will become the stem of the flowers, the other half will become the leaf) 

3. Put Elmer’s glue directly on the pipe cleaner on the side you want to be glued to the piece of your paper, then place the pipe cleaner firmly glue-side down on the paper 

4. With the other half of the pip cleaner, bend in half, but not fully and twist the bottoms together to make a loop that looks like a leaf (like picture) 

5. Put Elmer’s glue directly on the pipe cleaner on the side you want to be glued down for the leaves and place firmly (you may need some weight to hold them down once all stems and leaves have been placed) 

6. Give the stems and leaves time to dry 

7. Using the glue, make a generous spot to place the cupcake liners down at the tops of each steam—you can decorate the cupcake liners however you may like, I glued buttons in the center of each and used a white pen to make “sew lines” 

Now comes the other fun part! You can decorate the rest of your paper however you may like as well! Use your imagination! 

We’d love to see what you create! 

Wind chimes look and sound beautiful. Be creative and make your own wind chime with what you have around the house!

Download Instructions »


 Branch 

 Twine 

 Scissors 

 Found objects (keys, buttons, beads, nuts and bolts, washers, etc.) 

 Paint or spray paint* (if you’d like to paint the keys) 

*If using spray paint, please use safely in a well-ventilated area and follow the safety instructions* 


1. If you have chosen to paint keys, do that first as they will need time to dry on both sides—you can you acrylic paint (which will take longer to dry) or spray paint (which will dry more quickly, but ask an adult for assistance with spray paint) 

2. Cut a piece of twine a bit longer than that of your branch as you will be winding it and tying it up in double knots so that it can hang 

3. Use the scissors to cut off excess twine 

4. Cut twine to your desired lengths (I did approxi-mately 20inches total) for your found objects and loop around the branch (shown in the far left pic-ture), tie/secure your found objects with a double knot (middle picture) and cut off the excess twine(far right picture) 

5. Continue looping your found objects and tying and securing them and cutting off the excess twine until you have the amount of objects you would like on your wind chime 

6. If you use buttons, you can string the two ends of twine through two of the button holes and tie a knot underneath the button to secure in place and this will be similar for beads, you can even secure above as well if you’d like 

7. For washers, nuts, and bolts, you can tie like shown with the keys 

Please show us what you’ve made! 

If you love rainbows, you will love making this Rainbow Heart Wreath. When you're done, hang it in the window!

Download Instructions »


 Cardstock, construction paper, or any colorful paper 

 Ruler 

 Pencil 

 Scissors 

 Stapler 

 Some type of cord to hang up the wreath (I braided yarn) 

 Tape to hang up 


1. Pick out 6 colors of paper 

2. Use the ruler to measure 12 inches (the length of the ruler) on the colored paper two times and do this on all 6 colors of paper 

3. Use the scissors to cut out the two strips of matching colors on each of your colors of paper ( you will have 12 strips of paper in total at the end) 

4. Next, fold each strip of paper in half 

5. After folding each strip in half, bend the two ends in together to meet to make the shape of a heart and staple the two ends together 


6. Continue making the hearts for all 12 strips of paper 

7. Once all of the hearts are made, arrange them in your rainbow pattern in a circle shape, and attach them together in that circle shape with the stapler by stapling them together 

8. When everything is attached, you can attach your cord, I used yarn that I braided and attached it with the stapler (HINT: Try to make the cord long so that the circle will stay a circle when hung up, as it may tend to make an egg-shape—to avoid this, you can hang it with two hangers one on each side instead of one in the center 

Have fun with music with items found at home. You can make these instruments and perform a concert!

Download Instructions »

Supplies for the Kazoo: 

 Toilet paper roll 

 Markers 

 Wax paper or parchment paper 

 Pen 

 Scissors 

 Rubber band 

Supplies for the Tambourine: 

 2 Paper plates 

 Markers 

 Stapler 

 Any item to fill the tambourine to make sound (can be buttons, dried beans, pennies, beads or a combination of any items) 

Directions for the Kazoo: 

1. Color the toilet paper roll with markers however you would like 

2. Let the toilet paper roll dry 

3. Take the wax paper or parchment paper and draw out a circle larger than the end of the toilet paper roll with the pen (leave about an inch and a half out from the end of the roll) 

4. Using the scissors, cut out the circle 

5. Attach the cut out circle to one end of the colored toilet paper roll with the rubber band 

6. Now, sing into the kazoo to make some awesome music! 

Directions for the Tambourine: 

1. Turn the plates over so the bottoms are now on top, and color them with your markers 

2. Let the plates dry a little 

3. Turn one plate over again so it can be the bottom of the tambourine 

4. Place the other plate on top of the bottom plate and start stapling together, but only staple half of it together right away 

5. Now, fill with your sound-making objects 

6. Finish stapling the rest of the way around the plates (this could get tricky depending on the size of the objects you used, so you may need to ask someone for help) 

7. Now, shake that tambourine and sing along as well! You are a one kid band! 

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